Lols! What m i doing online at 0230am! >.< gonna be a sleepy head in office later today again.

Well when they say bad things come together .. they really do. Sunday was horrible >.< less the birthday party. Monday was no better .. getting screwed even though I'm doing my best. Being called everywhere as if I'm the dog. Totally not funny at all. Just hope tomorrow will be a better day.

Dorin! .. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :D 1 yr older le must jiayous k? All the best!

Time Flies

The past few years have gone by really fast, especially these 2 years in army. After all that numerous bitching about army life, my 2 years is finally reaching its last quarter.

Many things had came n gone. Without knowing it, I'm out of my 3rd relationship, started a company and planning to start another one soon. Got rejected off NUS n NTU for 2 straight years and what I thought was 'all the time I have' has become something which needs to be done urgently. I have taken up the most important role in AOPC and have a hell of a helper. Guess i got to just keep moving and exploring new things.

I have changed and changed for the worse I guess. I no longer pay 100% attention to things. I no longer put in the effort to remember things for long. And Life has become a subconscious part of me moving on n on. I want to change and I'm changing

There have been thoughts flowing through me. About why I'm living and about my friends arnd me. I feel so useless sometimes. While other times i cant seem to figure out why I'm doing so much. The answer will come. I know .. but when i really hope its soon.

These 2 years are ending n i want a fresh new life out there.

KOSS Earphones

Hey! I got a set of of the following KOSS earphones for sale. Just 1 so hurry kays? Its still in its original packaging with lifetime warranty which can be registered on Koss's website.

Instead of the normal rubber ear buds, ThePlugs uses memory foam ear buds which provides an even better sound insulation then the rubber ones. I have personally used this before and would recommand it to anyone who's looking for strong and quality bass yet clear mid range. One of the best in its price range currently. This set has never been opened before.

Selling at $40 including delivery either by post / meet up. Feel free to email me at thelovebeatshop@gmail.com for any enquiries/orders.

O'Bon Stationaries On SALE Now!

Lets Welcome the O'Bon Stationaries! These stationaries are specially made from recycled materials and despite that, they come in really beautiful designs! :D

Love Mother Earth as we all Love our precious Love Ones around us.

O'Bon Pencils are made from recycled newspaper. Despite this, it does not compromise on its quality and in fact its superior to an average wooden pencil. The wildlife series comes with a different design on each individual pencil. There is Tiger, Zebra, Bear, Leopard, Elephant, Parot, Turtle, Snake and Aligator prints on each of the individual pencil in the 10pcs pack. Pencils are 2B in shade.

10 Pc Pack - $6.90

2 Pc Pack - $2.90

O'Bon Notebooks! :D These fruity looking notebooks are made from Bagasse paper. These paper are made from left over sugar cane pulp and fibre after we have drained it off its juice. Paper quality is not compromised and we can do our small little part to save the trees!

These notebooks come in A5 and A6 sizes. Really great for a daily diary or for random doodlings.

A5 - $6.90

A6 - $5.50

Feel free to drop me an email at thelovebeatshop@gmail.com for any inquries and orders. Currently deliveries (if central) are only on weekends and within 2 week of orders. I'll do my best to accomodate deliveries and meetups if needed.

Stay tuned for more great stuffs alright? :D

Marina Barrage xD

Went for a trip to Marina Barrage yesterday and here are the pics! :D

Really great views but seriously! they have to do something about the 'getting there' part. Even before the tour we were all sweaty n stuffs =X eeeks!

And welcome our late comer ...

Haha! our guide was great! i mean how often do u get a guide who jokes arnd n blend in more as a friend then a professional? Opps! No pic =X

Woots! and time for some nice pics of the place!

For those wondering about the O'Bon pencils, they are on the way! :D cant wait! haha! Yups and they are not only pencils .. really nice notebooks n files too.

O'Bon Pencils! :D

Coming up soon! Have contacted the distributor and waiting for their reply.

As we love our love ones around us, lets all love mother nature at the same time. Afterall she was the one who provided us with such a great place to live in.

I'll be on the look out to bring in more environmentally friendly gifts for our love ones so do wait up ya?

The Red Crystal Heart

Red, the colour of Life, the colour of Love and the colour that represents the strongest of all emotions. This red heart symbolises the strength of a friendship, the commitment of a relationship and the promise of LOVE held strongly by the crystal embeded in it.

Every piece of these phone straps are designed and made by me. Though simple, its meaningful to be remembered of your love ones everytime u lift up your mobile. Each piece goes for $2 with standard postage.

I do accept special orders for names to be added on. I'll be using coloured letter cubes stringed onto a leather strap placed between the HP attachment and the heart. Do contact me for the price and orders. At the moment i only have letters available.

A Song For All My Friends

游鸿明 - 42.谈心.mp3

:D A really great song specially for all my friends out there! Thanks for being there for me every so often in the past few years! >< I guess life would have been really really different without you all around to listen to all my bitching =X Opps! haha!

This is abit late but better late then nvr right? Thanks for all the birthday wishes n celeberations! :D Had a really great birthday week xP n a really nice meal!

To those who r still wonderin .. YAY! I GOT MY LICENSE! haha in case its not big enough on my msn nick the past week. xP See you guys arnd soon!


Yeeps! LoveBeat is now officially ReOpened!

I'll be posting up our sales soon and also for a change I'll be blogging right here on LoveBeat.

Hope you guys like the new header >< forgive my lack of brain juices haha! Its kinda dry these days .. sigh

Yeeps! will be sourcing arnd for some new handicrafts to put up for sale so stay tuned. :D


:) Today marks a new chapter in my life.

I'm feeling guilty that i have been neglecting LoveBeat for the past 2 months and its starting to feel kinda stagnant in here.

LoveBeat will be on temp closure till 26th April 2009 when we come back live again with a fresh line up of products as well as new looks for our present products.